• A simple design that just needed inventing.. and inverting..

    Our unique patented design allows the weighing surface to be inverted after years of use, essentially doubling its lifespan over any other weighbridge on the market.

  • Now available for sale, hire and lease purchase throughout the UK and worldwide.

    Modular design allows for easy tailored systems to suit your needs. We can accommodate any length, width and load capacity.

World Class Weighbridges

At Libra Weighing Machines we offer our weighbridges for hire, sale and lease purchase throughout the UK and worldwide. Our weighbridges can be manufactured as pit-mounted weighbridges or as surface mounted weighbridges and can also be built to meet any standards certified for use in ATEX environments. We supply complete weighbridge solutions with software and ticket printers and numerous options such as traffic control and driver operated weighbridge systems. Designed and manufactured in Sheffield, UK by industry specialist engineers and installed around the world, Libra weighbridges are built to withstand the harshest conditions on the planet.

The flagship of  Libra’s manufacturing is the Libra Double Life Weighbridge. Its advanced modular design and superior construction has proven popular with clients across many industries such as waste re-cycling and landfill, mining, logistics, construction and agriculture. The main obvious advantage of the Double Life weighbridge is that it is invertible. After many years of service, if the surface wears down, the whole deck can be inverted, revealing a fresh new weighbridge surface ready for countless more years of uninterrupted operation.

The Double Life weighbridge decks are 200mm thick and made from reinforced steel granite composite and encased in heavy duty steel columns. They are tested to withstand in excess of 100 tonnes and will allow axle loadings of over 40 tonnes per axle. All of our Double Life weighbridges come with a 15 year guarantee, that is unheard of in the industry as most weighbridges manufactured today wouldn’t even last that long. We have confidence in our products and pass that on to our customers as the Double life’s are built to perform in excess of 50 years. Find out more about our Double Life weighbridges here.

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