The 'HighWeigh' Weighbridge is an extremely heavy duty, orthotropic closed chamber design, fabricated to the highest standard and under strict quality control. Available in standard 8m x 3m, 15m x 3m, 18m x 3m and 20m x 3m sizes and available in capacities of 40, 60, 80, and 100 tonnes. Other sizes and capacities are available upon further request.
The HighWeigh deck has a 10mm thick plate and replaceable 5mm grip plates adding extra support along the wheel runs. This makes the HighWeigh the strongest deck available, as standard, in the world. All joints are fully welded, sealing the internal structure from outside elements and reducing the risk of corrosion whilst the external structure is protected against the elements using a 3 coat epoxy system.
The HighWeigh is designed for use as both a Surface mounted or Pit mounted device, available as either a purchase or hire with long term guarantees available. Libra's highly qualified engineers make the installation and setup an easy process which can be completed within 4-5 hours.
The 'HighWeigh' Weighbridge's strength not only comes from the orthotropic design but also from the heavy duty load cells. Comprising of a strong , shear-beam type base, heavy duty cups and high tensile steel ball bearing, they are the strongest load cells on the market. The load cell connects directly to the weighbridge whilst the ball bearing sits between the cell and a base cup on the ground. Unlike most load cells on the market which take the full stress of the loading and eventually fail, the ball bearing absorbs all side and shock loadings giving the load cell itself full protection.
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Competitor's Weighbridge design

The above cross section drawings show how the Libra steel, Orthotropic Closed Chamber eliminates bending as beams are not used. We use specially folded, heavy gauge steel continuously welded to the plates to support the vehicle wheels. We also include an extra 5mm wear plate for the tyres giving a heavier gauge plate thickness of 15mm.


Orthotropic Design (Shown Inverted)

The Unique, folded, continuously welded steel design (pictured) not only makes the Weighbridge stronger it also seals the weighbridge from corrosion and leaves a smooth, clean finish with no ledges for ingress or water build up.

Complete Package - Extra Strength

Each weighbridge is delivered complete with Load Cells, Indicator & Printer. There are no hidden extra costs and all installation, calibration and stamping (if required for trade use) is included.
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A few things you probably didn't know:-
When a vehicle drives onto a weighbridge, the deck sustains compression on the top & tension on the bottom. Therefore the lower area of the deck is the point of highest stress ie. always trying to pull itself apart.

Libra Weighing Machine ensure that this area is kept at it's ultimate strength by eliminating welding and using sections that are specially folded in a trapezoidal shape.

Why doesn't everyone use this method? That's easy...Cost! To make this structure as strong as it is a 600 tonne press to fold the steel is required.

Fig 1

Libra's Design

The trapezoidal shape of the Orthotropic design ensures that loadings interact against each leg equally by transferring the load from one leg to the next eliminating any bending of the structure.

Fig 2

Other's Design

Parallel beams or box sections don't offer the same support as the load can bend the section either way. Eventually the load transfer will cause the welding of the bottom plate to weaken causing the sections to collapse in either direction.

Fig 3

Other's Design

The open beam construction allows any beams to buckle when loaded. There is little protection from the deflection of the flages which will eventually cause major weld failure and fracture. This type of structure also offers very little protection from the deflection of the flanges which will eventually case major weld failure and fracture. This type of structure also offers very little protection against corrosion as opposed to the fully welded Orthotropic section.

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