AX Series Portable Train Weighing System

portable train weighing systems

portable train weighing systems

Quick Setup

The AX scales can be setup in minutes and install onto track gauge.

Precise Measurment

Get accurate readings of multiple parameters in seconds.

Fully Portable

The AX units can be carried into place and used anywhere in the field.

portable train weighing systems

Weigh in Motion or Static Anywhere, Anytime.

Fully Portable Systems install in minutes and can be installed to any track gauge or profile, with NO track alterations required. AX train scales can be carried into place, and set up by one man, no need for special fixings or lifting equipment.

Dynamic Train Weighing

AX train scales can be used dynamically, collecting individual wheel weights and summing the total train weight, this is ideal for goods and freight trains. Automatic weighing ensures correct wheel, axle, wagon and total train loadings and weight distribution.

Static Train Weighing

AX systems are ideal for train manufacturing workshops, testing Locomotives, Bogies and Coaches when building from new, repairing or general maintenance. Single or multiple units can be used for highest accuracy.

portable train weighing systems

Cost Savings

Improve fuel economy and optimize your loads.

All Weather Usage

Hermetically Sealed units can be used in all weather conditions.

Wired or Wireless

Go anywhere with Battery powered systems with wireless reciever options.

Advanced Weight Indicator

Our indicators come housed in a rugged IP67 pelicase complete with integrated ticket printers, batteries and all the inputs and outputs easily accessible. A colour display helps quickly visualize individual wheel, axle, bogie and carriage weights.

weigh in motion load cells


Single AX base units can be used for dynamic weighing with automatic totals, multiple scales can be used to weigh a full static vehicle instead of individual axles. The screen shots below show the types of data available using our AX software with multiple AX units. Up to six AX’s can be combined into a single system..

treain weighing software

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  • AX Series Advantages
  • Technical Specs
  • The AX system can weigh and show up to 20 wheels / 10 Axles simultaneously on screen.
  • Show live analysis, of centre of gravity, percentage loading etc. of all wheels simultaneously on the weighing screen, no need for PC / Laptop.
  • The AX Indicator can weigh Dynamic or Static, No need for a different Indicator or system.
  • The AX Indicator can transmit data LIVE by Wi-Fi to a laptop, to further view, store the data and reports.
  • The AX Indicator can be controlled wirelessly from a laptop in real time. This allows weighing and analysis from a remote location.
  • The AX system can use multiple bases to increase accuracy in Dynamic weighing if and when using more than one scale for analysis .
Weighing Capacity 15 Tonnes/Wheel - 30 Tonnes/Axle
Division Size 10kg (Static) - 20kg (Dynamic)
Accuracy 0.01%-1% (Static) - 2%-3% (Dynamic)
Max. Weighing Speed 3mph / 5kmh
Protection Class IP 67
Instrument Class 0.5%
Linearity error <0.02%
Unit Length 600mm
Unit Weight 39kg
Rated Temperature Range -10°c - +65°c
Transducer Characteristic 0.1 mV / V Accuracy 0.2%
Measuring Amplifier 24 Bit
Sample Rate 10 kHz
Power Supply 12V, 40V, 90V, 110V, 240V
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