Boot Wash Station

vehicle disinfectant wash by Libra vehicle disinfectant wash by Libra
disinfectant boot wash station

Single, 3,5 & 6-Bay Boot Wash Troughs

Libra’s portable boot-wash is a heavy-duty unit suitable for cleaning light or heavily soiled boots with its hose brush system. The units feature anti-slip-steel foot platform grids with reinforced rubber hoses with brush nozzles. The boot-wash units are available as single bay units, up to five bay models with optional disinfectant applicator available. Our boot washes simply connect to existing water mains or can be supplied with pumps and storage tanks for remote sites.

disinfectant boot wash station

4 Bay Boot & Paw Wash

These units include rubber matting and warm water for gently washing off a dogs paws.

disinfectant boot wash station


Heavy-Duty Lifting Rings & Fork Pockets

Removable easy clean foot deck grate

High Quality Steel structure & fittings

Optional Disinfection applicator

1-Bay Dimensions 600 x 600 x 1140mm
3-Bay Dimensions 1600 x 600 x 1140mm
5-Bay Dimensions 2660 x 600 x 1140mm
6-Bay Dimensions 3000 x 600 x 1140mm
Boot & Paw Dimensions 3000 x 600 x 1140mm
Weight 1-Bay: 120kg/ 3-Bay: 200kg / 5-Bay: 300kg
Tray Depth 250mm
Inlet 25mm
Waste Outlet 3"

Libra Guarantee

Libra offers what we believe to be the most Comprehensive Guarantee available, unrivaled by our competitors. A Guarantee usually says it all. Compare ours with any other Company. We replace any defective parts as standard, hassle-free, if ever required.

Libra Advantages

Off the shelf spare parts. Pumps, filters, piping, electrics, switches and all fittings freely available generally on the open market. No specialist tools or equipment required.

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