Case Studies

Kerry Group, UK

Kerry Foods in Osset, UK have added a new 18m Pit Mounted HighWeigh weighbridge alongside their existing 15m Libra weighbridge. Using both Libra weighbridges, fitted with our Unmanned terminals, allows a faster process for weighing vehicles in and out of site.

British Forces, Afghanistan

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Libra assisted the British Forces, by sending two Double life Weighbridges, to a undisclosed zone in Afghanistan. The weighbridges were air-freighted from RAF Brize Norton and were to be used for weighing tanks and other vehicles, to safely load the aircraft, for the withdrawal from the area.

Napier Brown, Immingham, UK

The sugar refining giant, Napier Brown ordered three Double life weighbridges for their new plant near Immingham. The weighbridges are for accurately checking the raw sugar coming into the plant. The weighbridges have automatic batch control systems interfaced to the PC system, to accurately off load and batch all the sugar beet into the correct hoppers.

E-on Electric, Radcliffe, UK

E-on needed a ultra low profile Double life weighbridge because the installation was beneath batching systems. The vehicles height restriction allowed for a deck which could be no more than 200mm off the floor. The deck also had to be 22 Meters long, to allow vehicles to manoeuvre under the various batch out feeders. Due to the strength of the Double Life, this caused no problem, as the standard deck, is extremely over engineered for strength, and longevity. We even achieved a Capacity of 80 tonnes, well over their requirements.

British Telecom, Manchester, UK

BT Required a Double Life weighbridge that had to install onto the existing road. We supplied our Portable Steel/Concrete Ramps, which simply bolt down to any surface. The Double Life was the portable version, which is complete with steel sub-bases. Install takes around 4 hours. Following which, it is stamped for Trade use purposes.

Heidelberg Cement, Germany

One of the world’s largest concrete and aggregate suppliers, Heidelberg Cement up to now have ordered five Double life weighbridges, for projects in various African nations. The Double life is perfect for export, as it can be manufactured modular for easy shipping in containers. The weigh bridges are pre-assembled, calibrated, marked up, then dismantled ready for shipping.

Big C, Bangkok, Thailand

Pit Weighbridge Thailand

Big C, one of the largest Supermarket chains in Asia, needed a reliable weighbridge that had to work totally automatic, 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week. Installed at their main warehouse hub, they needed to have easy access under the weighbridge, for pump maintenance, due to exceptional tropical storms in the area. The Double Life comfortably, met and exceeded all their requirements.

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