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double life weighbridge
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Double Life Span Invertible Deck Design

The Double Life Weighbridge is manufactured first and foremost, to be inverted when the top surface eventually wears. This simple transformation gives it a NEW Surface and doubles its life, over any other weighbridge on the market. In effect, you are getting two weighbridges for the price of one.

Manufactured from a special re-enforced composite and encased in steel columns allows the Double Life to go into what is known as “Post Tensioning”. When it is eventually inverted a slight strength curve will have been formed, giving the Double Life even more strength.

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Most weighbridges are only as good as the welding that holds them together. The Double life is Non-Dependant on welding, as the concrete binds the weighbridge together and encases the welding.

We use a combination of High Grade C-40 Fibre Granite Concrete and steel reinforcing, completely encased in Heavy duty steel columns. The steel structure alone would carry over 100 Tonnes, then we add the concrete. This makes for an incredibly strong structure, believed to be the strongest weighbridge manufactured anywhere. The design has a minimum life span of 50 Years, with standard traffic volume.

Double Life Weighbridges can also be installed onto sloping roadways, up to 1:30 inclines. The deviation can be, Longitudinal, Lateral or both. Special fixings are installed along with the load cells, to maintain equal forces, throughout the weighbridge. This technique, can save thousands of pounds, by eliminating the need for new foundations.

  • Features
  • Technical Specs
  • Options
  • Heavy Duty Ball bearing load cells - Eliminate the risk of side loading
  • Re-enforced C-40 Fibre Granite concrete super structure - Encased in steel columns
  • 200 mm thick deck, compared to a steel 10mm thick deck
  • Invertable Deck Surface - Double Life Span
  • Modular Design - Easy Customization
  • 15 year Guarantee - Unrivaled Build Quality
Capacity Any required; As Standard between 10t - 200t
Length Any required; As Standard: 5m, 8m, 12m, 15m, 18m & 20m
Width Any required; As Standard: 3m, 3.5m & 4m
Axle Loading Any required; As Standard 40 tonnes
Load Cells Ball bearing design ensures side loading of the beam is impossible.
300% Overload factor built in, plus lightning protection.
OIML R60 Approved. 30/40 tonnes each. Fully guaranteed.
Structure Thickness 200mm as standard, 150mm available for low profile installation
Anti - Corrosion Shot-blast to SA 2.5 amplitude, followed by
primer and acrylic polyurethane coating.
Construction Options Galvanized Steel / Stainless Steel.
100 year composite concrete also available.
Safety Features Heavy Duty side rails on above ground installations.
Optional centre grid. Lightning Protection.
Foundations Galvanized , Para bolts, or resin anchors, when required.
Pre-cast foundations also available.
Commission Time 4 to 5 hours / 1 hour decommission
Circuitry Housed in stainless steel junction box all sealed to IP68. Fully guaranteed.
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double life weighbridge

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