Oil Separator Drip Trays

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No Filters Required.

Protect the environment with our Oil Separator drip trays. This simple but very effective design, utilises the concept oil is lighter than water. Rain and wash water exits the drip tray, and the oil stays afloat inside until removed.

No chemicals or filters are required, saving on costly and time-consuming replacements.

Bespoke Sizes Available

The oil separator trays can be manufactured to any size, for bespoke systems. They are Ideal for safe storage and machinery installations to catch surplus and overflow chemicals and oil leaks and spillages, from pumps, generators, engines, compressors etc.

Standard Sizes:

Dimensions Capacity (Litres) Weight (kg)
2m x 1.2m 420 L 200 kg
2.5m x 1.5m 780 L 340 kg
3m x 1.5m 860 L 480 kg
4m x 2m 1400 L 690 kg
oil separator with splash walls

Oil separator with optional splash guard walls.

  • Fully steel fabricated construction
  • Built in oil separtator with water overflow outlet
  • Removable galvanised grid sections
  • Handy Level Gauge


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