Euro Wheel Wash

Wheel Washes by Libra
Industrual wheel wash
Industrual wheel wash

Fully Automated Wheel Washing Systems

Self Sufficient Units. Diesel Powered Pumps. No Operator Required.

The heavy duty Euro wheelwashers are built to clean Dump Trucks, 8 wheelers, articulated vehicles. farming vehicles and trailors. Keeping dirt and residue from filtering onto the highways. The self powered wash systems are the only systems that have a high volume 6 inch pump outlet, to ensure thorough cleaning of wheels and under carriage. All the Euro washers are UK built, using heavy gauge steel manufactured for long term heavy use.


Libra sells and hires out wheel washers to a broad range of clients across the UK and worldwide in a range of industries including mining, excavation, reclamation, construction, waste management and demolition among others.


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Heavy Duty Automatic Wheel Wash

full length wheel wash

Fully Automatic with Vehicle Detection System.

Ideal for all heavy mud and clay removal in all environments. The system is totally stand alone and needs no other power sources. The 6 inch pump feeds all the spray nozzles, with high velocity water down each side and beneath the vehicle, removing sticky mud and clays, aided by the rumble grids that the vehicle pass over. The debris are left in the lagoon and the water is 100% recycled, ready to pass through the system again and again.

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Over Ground Automatic Wheel Wash

surface mounted wheel wash

Great Hire Solution. Easy Setup, Easy Clean.

The wheelwash is simply placed onto a level hard standing, no excavation required.This allows a very quick and easy installation and removal. Ideal for short or long-term hires. All the rest of the features are the same as our inground Euro wheel wash system.

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Drive Through Bath Wheel Wash

portable industrial wheelwash

Simple, Eco Friendly Wheel Wash Solutions.

The bath system requires no power, and is completely stand alone. The bath can be set into the ground, or stand over ground. Rumble grid ramps will be required for over ground installations. The bath will clean all types of road going vehicles, from a jeep to articulated lorries. The vehicle simply drives through the bath, this creates a bow wave that cleans the wheels and tyres. No operator required and no maintenance required.

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