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Wheel Washes by Libra
portable industrual wheel wash

Portable Industrial Wheelwash Solutions

Libra's Portawash Force Series provide thorough wheel and undercarriage cleaning with an array of precision high pressure spray nozzles. Automated wash cycles, self cleaning abilities and water recycling allows the Force Series Wheelwash to operate continuously and autonomously. These robust wheelwashes can be installed directly onto any level hard standing surface with no need for foundations, making them ideal for a multitude of applications.

Compact & Economical - Force 4

portawash force 6 wheel wash

The PORTAWASH Force 4 is a heavy duty surface mounted portable wheel wash. The 4 meter length of the washing platform allows a complete revolution of the wheels whilst washing them with the spray nozzles. The nozzles are positioned for optimum cleaning effect of the side walls of the tyres, inside the treads, and cleaning of the chassis.

The compact length allows installation into sites with restricted room, whilst still allowing for high volume cleaning of many vehicles. The PORTAWASH Force 4 Wheelwash also self cleans after every vehicle, using the re-cycling tank to clear the residue from the water for the next wash cycle.

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