Heavy Duty Weighbridges

highweigh weighbridge
Heavy Duty Weighbridges

A 15m HighWeigh surface mounted weighbridge on spreader plates as a temporary hire weighbridge.

Surface mount or Pit Mount Weighbridges.

In over 30 years of production and service since the base design, the Highweigh weighbridge has proven itself as an industry leading weighing system. With over 2,000 units in operation worldwide, this is the most durable weighbridge on the market today. The HighWeigh weighbridge is a heavy duty beam design, fabricated to the highest standards under strict quality control and factory testing. All joints are fully welded, sealing the internal structure from outside elements, while the external structure is protected with a 3 coat epoxy system. Designed for use as both a static and a portable weigh station when incorporated with our steel sub bases. The HighWeigh can be installed both Pit mounted and Surface mounted.

Available in a multitude of sizes ranging from:

8m x 3m through to 24m x 4m and capacities from 20 tonnes through to 200 tonnes.

Bespoke sizes and capacities are available upon request. SOLAS Ready. ATEX VERSION AVAILABLE.

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robot welding
triple pass welding
versatile weighbridge

New Force Series Digital Compression Load Cells

Libra are the only UK supplier of Force Digital C6 Certified Load cells, that could save you over £100,000 Per Year. The most accurate and reliable, loadcells available. Find out more.

Anti-Slip modular deck

10mm thick skid resistant Deck Plate enables heavy use eliminating wear problems. A Special Interlocking System positions the deck modules exactly. The decks are fully sealed above and beneath to prevent ingress and have removable plates for easy access to the load cells.

Protected Load Cells

All load cell-bearing plates have triple pass welding to ensure maximum strength, the load cells are mounted under access covers to allow ease of inspection with all load cell cables protected in steel.

highweigh transom design
transom weigh bridge design
weighbridge with transoms

Independent Steel Transom Design Option

The high capacity version has a completely independent transom design. These allow the load cells to be mounted away from the beams, eliminating stress points. They are fully enclosed, extremely rigid, and have a strength of over 50% extra, when compared to a standard non Transom design. This allows us to build a 50 Tonne weighbridge, while having the strength of 100 Tonnes plus. Obviously also increasing the lifespan of the weighbridge, due to the high strength, rigidity and minimal distortion. These are the same design principles used on the Golden Gate Bridge in the United States and the Millau Bridge in France.

  • Features
  • Technical Specs
  • Options
  • Heavy Duty Ball bearing load cells - Eliminate the risk of side loading.
  • Versatile installations - Static or Portable, Pit mount or Surface mount options.
  • Precision Robot welded structure - Engineered to last.
  • High Capacity Transom Option - No job too big.
  • 5 year Guarantee on weighbridge structure.
  • SOLAS compliant
Capacity Any required; As Standard between 20 tonnes - 200 tonnes (500 tonnes with Transom option.)
Length Any required; As Standard: 8m, 9m, 15m, 18m & 24m
Width Any required; As Standard: 3m, 3.2m, 3.5m & 4m
Axle Loading Any required; As Standard 30 tonnes. (50 tonnes with Transom option.)
Load Cells Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Ball Bearing;
Double Ended Sheer Beam Type; Digital Option.
OIML R60 Approved. 30/40 tonnes each. Fully guaranteed.
Anti - Corrosion Shot-blast to SA 2.5 amplitude, followed by primer and acrylic polyurethane coating. Significantly protecting the structure from exposure and damage from freeze-thaw cycles, de-icing salts, seawater, salt spray and other deterioration mechanisms.
Construction Painted Steel; Optional Galvanized Steel.
Safety Features Heavy Duty side rails on above ground installations; Lightning Protection built in.
Weight Indicator L3590EQ with built in querty keyboard; Water Resistant; Trade Approved OIML R76.
Ticket Printer Epson TM295; Heavy Duty Flat bed; Prints Time, Date, First Weight, Second Weight, Auto Nett Weight, Vehicle ID, Product ID plus more options.
Foundations Galvanized , Para bolts, or resin anchors, when required.
Pre-cast foundations also available.
Commission Time 4 to 5 hours / 1 hour decommission
Circuitry Housed in stainless steel junction box, all sealed to IP68. Fully guaranteed.
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