Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Force Weigh In-motion Train Scales

ANPR Weighbridge Integration

ANPR allows for total Unmanned Weighing and Access control. Automation of the system provides Higher security and safety as the camera is interfaced directly to the Libra Intelligent Indicator; a PC is not required as the system uses embedded processors. Although can be Interfaced to a PC for further data storage and transactions.

Weighing Management Security / Access Control

As vehicles approach the Weighbridge and ANPR camera, LibraWeigh IT-LIVE reads the plate and displays the plate text alongside the image(s) of the vehicle. Plate details are compared against a database and any stored details such as Stored Tare Weight, Customer, Product and Driver. When the plate is recognised, the weighing transaction will be completed, transferred and stored. Plus a weigh ticket produced for the driver. Libra Weigh IT-LIVE can open barriers automatically allowing authorised vehicles onto and off a Weighbridge and site. Permitted hours of access can also be specified such as 24 hours a day or 07:00 to 19:00 as example, every day for a particular category.

anpr weighbridge system

Weighbridge Transaction Fraud Detection

Every year millions of pounds of revenue in the UK alone are fraudulently lost by customers and the tax payer in the waste and re-cycling business.

Weighbridges are key targets for fraudulent transactions, make sure yours isn’t one of them. Since weighing was invented, people have tried to cheat the system either by under weighing or over weighing, depending on if they are buying or selling. Methods vary however even now the principle is the same scenario.

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