BIO-SAFE Livestock Disinfectant Wash

vehicle disinfectant wash by Libra vehicle disinfectant wash by Libra
disinfectant wheel wash system

Automatic Livestock Disinfection System

For use with DEFRA Approved Disinfection Treatments.

Utilising our expertise in wheel wash and disinfection spray systems, Libra has designed and built walk through disinfection systems specifically for livestock. Our primary consideration throughout development has been the safety and well being of the animals. The system has built in easy clean non slip rubber matting. Plus full length protection rubber side guides, to eliminate any livestock catching the steel pipes or nozzles. The livestock are simply led up to the disinfection system and the system disinfection spray, will automatically start to spray a disinfection mist at ground level up to a height of 10cm. The disinfectant will cover all areas eliminating any bacteria and potential disease infection, based on the chemical used. The process automatically stops on leaving the system.

The extendable and flexible pipework, allows the pump house, tanks and dosing system, to be placed well away from the disinfection wash. This will eliminate any noise and allow the livestock to pass through in a peaceful environment.

We have taken on board advise from experts from MAFF, veterinary organisations and implemented all of their advisory inclusions.

350D disinfectant wheel wash system by libra


Automatic Dosing System for Accurate Mixing.

Automatic Start & Stop Sensors.

Base Unit Dimensions 1690 W x 2650 L (4250 L with ramps)
Max. Vehicle Width 1400 W x 2500 L
Guide Rails 1m H
Spray Nozzles 12
Wash Pump 100 LPM
Power 240V Mains / Generator
350D drive trough disinfectant wheel wash

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Libra Disinfectant Wash Guarantee

Libra offers what we believe to be the most Comprehensive Guarantee available, unrivaled by our competitors. A Guarantee usually says it all. Compare ours with any other Company. We replace any defective parts as standard, hassle-free, if ever required.

Libra Advantages

Off the shelf spare parts. Pumps, filters, piping, electrics, switches and all fittings freely available generally on the open market. No specialist tools or equipment required.

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biosafe compact disinfectant wash

Biosafe Livestock Disinfectant Wash LITE

Like our main Flagship Livestock model, the LITE version delivers the same amount of disinfection in a more portable package fitting on a smaller footprint without the added drainage tray base unit.

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