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Weighbridges for Logistics & Transport

weighing equipment for logistics

Precision weighing systems to keep your business running efficiently with optimum loads and accurate invoicing.

Our weighbridges, weighing equipment, indicators and software are crucial in any logistics or warehousing operation. Precision weighing is important for safely distributing a load in a vehichle and to avoid over loading. Besides the safety benefits, our equipment helps to streamline the processes and help your operation run more efficiently in this fast paced industry.

350D Vehicle Disinfectant Wash

vehicle disinfectant system

Can be used with al UK Government Defra approved disinfection agents for cleaning and combating deadly diseases brought in by road traffic.Our disinfectant wash systems are fully portable and fully automatic. The 350D system applies a double dosing of disinfection from the spray jets and the tray bath system.

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