Pitmount weighbridge for biogas plant

Pitmount Weighbridge installed to fully utilize space.

pitmount weighbridge by Libra

Libra has just commissioned a pit-mounted Highweigh weighbridge for a Bio Gas company, Gascorp Ltd., In Leeds, West Yorkshire. Our 18 metre pit-mounted weighbridge now handles all of their weighing needs by determining all the incoming and outgoing products, by weight.

The weighbridge and system has streamlined there customer and supplier chain and now has accurate information for accounting, stock control and Invoicing. The weighbridge also has built in overload warning, ensuring vehicles do not proceed onto the roads if overloaded.

The Installation had to be a pit mounted application to allow the weighbridge to be used as part of the yard area. With a flush finish, the vehicles can cross the weighbridge in any direction, plus they can easily load and offload the vehicles on the weighbridge as and when required, for extra time and savings.

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