Spray Bath Vehicle Disinfectant Wash

vehicle disinfectant wash by Libra
disinfectant wheel wash system

Drive Through Vehicle Disinfecting System

High Performance. Fully Portable. Fully Automated.

Libra's 350D disinfectant wash can be used with al UK Government Defra approved disinfection agents for cleaning and combating deadly diseases brought in by road traffic. Our disinfectant wash systems are fully portable and fully automatic. The 350D system applies a double dosing of disinfection from the spray jets and the tray bath system. The system can be driven with mains power or by generator if needed. The 350D system works on all road going vehicles and operates with low volume water usage. The system is maintenance free when good house keeping is implemented and can be installed on any level hard Standing, no costly civil works required.

350D drive trough disinfectant wheel wash
350D disinfectant wheel wash system by libra


Libra sells and hires out wheel washers to a broad range of clients across the UK and worldwide in a range of industries including mining, excavation, reclamation, construction, waste management and demolition among others.

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