Portable Wheel Wash - 350 Series

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Industrual wheel wash


Libra sells and hires out wheel washers to a broad range of clients across the UK and worldwide in a range of industries including mining, excavation, reclamation, construction, waste management and demolition among others. The portable 350 series all in one design makes this the perfect choice for fast setup and operation.


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Ultra Compact all in one systems

Wheel Wash weighbridge

This pit-less wheel wash features high pressure jets simultaneously cleaning the inner and outer tire walls as well as the undercarriage. The 350's compact design houses the pump and water recycling system alongside the washing deck in one structure making this system very mobile and fast to install. The heavy duty grate type deck design along with the optional on/off ramps help to loosen up any solids stuck in the wheels as they drive through the wash. Automatic activation via infrared sensors is standard throughout our range.

450G Heavy Duty Wheel Wash

High Pressure Jets

Portable Wheel Wash

On/Off Ramps Included

industrial wheel wash

Built-In Water Recycling

350P Generator Powered Option

Wheel Wash weighbridge

This self contained unit is Ideal for isolated sites where no mains power is available. The 350P delivers the same high pressure cleaning as the 350 series, but powered by a petrol engine. This model also has an on-board water tank with a 4,000 litre capacity complete with water recycling, making this the ultimate portable option.


Standard Size L=2.2m, W=4.85m, H=0.35m (Deck)
Standard Weight 3,000kg
Axle Capacity 12 tonnes
Cycle Time 20-40 seconds
Power Supply 220/380v, 3 phase, 50Hz (Changeable)
Power Consumption 11.75kW
Operational Method Automatic with limit switch sensors
Working Pressure 3-4kgf/cm2 (43-56 psi)
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