RAPTOR Rail Weighbridge

raptor bogie weighing systems

The only train scale with self calibrating Digital Load cells Approved for high accuracy.

  • No Foundations Required
  • Extended Weighing area
  • Static and Dynamic weighing high speed
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • High Capacity, High Strength
  • UK Manufactured

raptor train weighing systems

OIML Certified

Factory calibrated and certified to OIML OIML R76-1 Class III. For Trade Use.

Precise Measurment

Get accurate readings of multiple parameters in seconds.

Steel Sub-Structure

The Raptor has a built-in heavy-duty steel sub-superstructure, no need for concrete foundations.

train weighbridge

Multiple Use Options

Depending on weighing accuracy requirements, the Raptor can be used as a single base or with multi bases. This means just one base can be used to weigh each bogie set individually, or 2 bases can be installed to weigh both bogie sets simultaneously.

Weighing both bogies simultaneously is always the highest accuracy as it’s a single weighing transaction the same scenario as a full weighbridge. This also saves time as each wagon doesn’t require double weighing, on a single base.

Another major advantage with the Raptor, there is more wiggle room for maneuver. Compared to sensors which require the weighing wheels over a very short distance. We can build your Raptor to suit all axle orientations and loadings, plus for all types of wagons, with room to spare.

The Raptor is available in many sizes and capacities, to suit your requirements.

The scale can be loaded in either direction, and by pulling or pushing, there is no difference, to the accuracy of the weight result.

Raptor Train Weighing Advantages

Raptor systems don’t have any moving parts. Expansion of the system is also very easy, if ever required as the system is of a modular design and construction with multiple base sizes available to support your requirements.

Weighing transactions are available from simple static weighing of each wagon, via a digital weight indicator and printer, to capture the weights, time and date. Obviously, this can be upgraded to a much more sophisticated system, typically weighing and logging each bogie / wagon / total train, automatically ignoring the Loco.

Dynamic Weighing Option

Optional Dynamic in motion weighing upto 15 km.h. 0.5 class for trains to OIML R106/1993.

static train weighing systems

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