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Low Cost Rumble Grid Wheel Cleaning

Council Approved for wheel Cleaning.

Rumble grids are an effective solution to removing mud and dirt from vehicle wheels. The special grid with variable settings, flexes open the tyre tread. This allows debris to fall out before the vehicle enters the public highway. The environmental footprint on the dry rumble grid, is extremely low, as there is no power required, no water, and no maintenance.

The environmental footprint on the dry rumble grid is extremely low, as there is no power or water needed.

Low Profile Deck Design

The low profile also allows most types of vehicles over, without grounding. Installation is simple and quick, the unit free stands on a level hard standing, hardcore, asphalt or concrete etc. Perfect to for remote sites, where there are no services or personal.

The Libra Rumble Decks are available in standard or bespoke lengths to suit any site condition. They are available for Hire and Sale. Plus easily re-locatable, with a Hiab vehicle.

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10 meter Rumble Deck

rumble grid wheel wash deck

No Power Required. No Running Costs.

The EURO Rumble Decks is available in the standard or bespoke lengths, to suit any site condition. They are available for Hire and Sale. Plus easily re-locatable, with a Hiab vehicle

Standard Size: 10m L x 3m W x 30cm H

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10 meter Rumble Bath

libra rumble deck wheel wash bath

4 meter bath. No Power Required.

The Rumble Grid Bath has all the same benefits as the Rumble grid dry. However, the Bath version allows the wheels to dip into a water bath, softening hard mud and allowing extra cleaning, plus a sheen finish to the tyres. The water also eliminates dust tracking out onto the road by submerging and washing it from the tyres. The vehicle moving through the bath causes a wave, that washes over the tyre tread and sides.

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Rumble Bath Jet Wash System

libra jet wash rumble grid wheel wash bath

48 Nozzle Jet Wash System and Bath combo.

The Rumble Grid Wheelwash Bath and Jet Wash again has all the above features of the above Dry and Bath systems, however the Jet spray system sprays water onto the wheels and chassis, giving that extra cleaning of the wheels, allowing a full revolution through the Jet Sprays. This system is basically a 3 in 1 system. Cleaning by vibration over the rumble grids, cleaning by dipping into the bath and a Jet spray cleaning finish.

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