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vehicle disinfectant wash by Libra vehicle disinfectant wash by Libra

Libra Spinner & Wheelwash Combination.

Positively the best performing wheelwash available.

The Spinner and Wheel wash unit, not only sprays high velocity water at all the contaminated areas on the vehicle, such as the tyres, (inside and out), chassis and mud flaps, it also centrifugal spins the driven wheels, on the spinner. This extra cleaning action, releases dangerous objects and debris trapped from between the double wheels, and treads in the tyres. Sending it down into the collection tank, rather than onto the road, or even worse, into a following vehicle on the road.

pit mounted wheel washer

Features and Benefits:

Extremely Heavy-Duty build. The machine can be used 24/7 every day of the week. Vehicles can drive up to 30 mph, without any effect to the Spinner.

Heavy Duty air brake system. Using high quality Iveco brake systems.

Heavy Duty Rollers using 320 mm Diameter tubes, with welded ribs on the rollers for opening the treads during spinning.

Heavy Duty Rumble Grids Helps to loosen extra dirt on tyre treads

Dual Sludge Conveyors Self cleaning Pit Virtually maintenance free

Modular Systems to Suit All Your Needs

The Libra Spinner & Wheel wash is available surface mounted, or pit mounted for sites where room is in short supply. All the equipment can be under or over ground installed, still allowing easy access for service and cleaning from time to time. We supply this unit in various sizes, and to clean any type of vehicles, from transit vans, 8 wheeler tippers and artics, fully loaded or empty. We can even supply for off road extra wide and heavy vehicles such as CAT Dump trucks and the like. The system, is also modular, and can have many options, including Lamella Water Re-cycling to 3 weir filtering.

wheel spinner Wheel Wash

pictured above: Spinner Wash with Dual Sludge Conveyors & Lamella Water Re-cycling


All safety equipment is included in the standard supply, never an option.

Drive through High Pressure Jet Wash System, Spraying 2 sets of jets full length, for wheels tyres and mud flaps and 2 more sets of jets, full length for under and inside the wheels, to clean the inner tyres and chasis.

Large 8mm Jets, positioned for optimum cleaning. Easy blockage removeable end caps, simply blow out any debris build up in the pipework.

Centrifugal Wheel Spinner with 4 rollers, spins the vehicle drive wheels. This removes dangerous objects, heavy Chalk and Clays from between double wheels and tyre treads. Option for spin on enter or spin on exit.

Emergency Stop line runs the full length of the machine. For driver or others in case of emergency.

Heavy Duty Side Screens 2 sets of side screens run the full length. x 2.2m high.

400v Heavy duty pump with 6 inch feed pipe.

Heavy Duty Rumble Grid Decks Full Length

Auto Start Sensors with manual start/stop overrides

Personnel Safety Emergency stops on all equipment, safety barriers and walkways.

Traffic Lights for safe use of the wheelwash

All sizes, Capacities and recommendation’s available at quote stage, to suit your specific requirements.

modular wheel spinner Wheel Wash


Lamella Clarifier water treatment system. Complete with automatic sludge sub-pump and piped to outlet direct into a skip.

Three Weir Re-cycling tanks with filtered weir systems, to clean particles out of the re-cycled water.

Automatic Flocculant to drop particles into the water under the wash units.

Mud extraction conveyers Sends heavy particle and mud to skips.

Drip dry Rumble Grid for coming off the wash unit 3m long. Without spray system.

Water Overflow for heavy rain & flooding

Self-cleaning cycle with Auto/manual control

Heavy Duty Hand lance

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