Axis Series Portable Weighing Pads

dynamic vehicle weighing pads

Dynamic or Static Weighing

Create a mobile weighing station anywhere with a flat surface. Our robust pads are suitable for all types of vehicles with single and multiple axle versions available. Made from Aircraft grade Aluminum, our pads are light weight and easy to transport and setup. Connect the pads to our portable hard case weight indicator with integrated ticket printer and get instant results.

portable weighing pads

Flexible Software Control

Our advanced software is specifically built for axle weighing and automatic totalization of weights in dynamic and static operations. Fully configurable to your needs. Input/output weights can be stored and reviewed, our systems can store up to 500 customers, articles and vehicles on the on-board database for easy setup and management.

Our indicators can be run through PC software or app control via a smart phone or tablet for simple and fast integration, data can also be instantly shared via W, email or other formats.

weighng pad software
  • Features
  • Technical Specs
  • Options
  • Ultra Low Profile, under 30mm
  • Heavy Duty Aircraft grade Aluminum
  • High Grade inter locking Rubber ramps
  • Wireless or Wired Operation
  • Battery Powered
  • Touch Screen Indicator & Ticket Printer
  • Wireless or Wired Operation
Pad Size 700*430*29mm (as standard, custom sizes available)
Capacity 25 tonnes per pad (as standard, custom capacities available)
Max Axle Load 50 tonnes (as standard, custom capacities available)
Division Accuracy 10kg
Dynamic Accuracy 3%-5%
Dynamic Speed up to 5km/h
Static Accuracy within 1%
  • Wireless Options
  • Custom sizes & capacities
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