Goliath Heavy Duty Mining Scales

mining weighbridge

Large Scale Weighing Pads for the Mining Industry

The ultimate scales for off-road heavy haulage vehicles. The Goliath scales are portable systems consisting of multiple weighing pads which accurately measure the load of each wheel. 2 pads can be used for dynamic weighing within 1% accuracy, 4 pads can be combined for static weighing within 0.1% accuracy.

  • Features
  • Technical Specs
  • Options
  • Extremely Rugged Construction
  • Dynamic or Static Weighing
  • Configurable for Any Vehicle
  • Wireless versions available
Model G1 G2 G3 G4
Capacity 120t 200t 400t 700t
Dimensions 1.5*2m 1.5*2m 2*3m 2*3m
# of Pads 2 2 2 2
Load Cell Per Pad 4 4 4 4
Load Cell Capacity 30t 50t 100t 150t
  • Wireless Platforms
  • Solar Power
  • Unmanned Operation
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