Weigh In Motion Train Weighing System

Force Weigh In-motion Train Scales

Trade Use Approved WIM Train Weighing

Buy and Sell Goods By Weight

Approved to R106 Trade use. Our Force WIM System can be used to weigh trains for Invoicing of goods by weight, checking and queries of customers inbound goods to your depot. Don’t forget, they may not be weighing on Trade Approved equipment, plus the calibration may not be to a high standard. With the Force WIM, you can rest assured, your weighing results will be correct.

Easy Installation

The load sensors simply bolt onto the existing rails after drilling holes, or can be fused on the rails. There is no cutting of rails, no civil works and no infrastructure work involved whatsoever. The Force WIM can be installed within a day and can even be carried out whilst trains are still running depending on site conditions and traffic.

High Speed or Static Weighing

Trains can be weighed accurately on the Force WIM at high speeds, or the system can be used as a static train weigher when loading of goods, for accurate and balanced loadings into each wagon.

No Speed Limits

There is no limit to train speeds over the system, as it can not be damaged due to the contactless installation. The wheels never come into direct contact with the Force WIM.

Fully Automated Train Weighing

Weighing can be activated automatically by the train passing or from the interfaced control system. Manual weighing is also available.

Higher Accuracy Measurements

The Force WIM's load sensors are the most accurate available, with an accuracy of more than 0.1%. R 106 Approval is to within 0.5% of the total train.

Data Production and Output

Date, time, number of axles and wheel load on the left and right side are registered for each train passage. Based on the measured values and on information stored in the analysis computer, data such as train gross, axle pressure and over load is calculated and presented. Data may also be presented in graphical format. After the calculation, a bill of weight (gross) with train data is created.

The train weighing data is also stored in a log file on the computer. The file may be printed on site or transferred for processing, analysis and at a later stage. To comply with certain requirements, alarm levels for uneven/over load may be set.

weigh in motion train data

Safety of Personnel, Infrastructure and rolling stock

Unbalanced wagons and payload Detection

The Force WIM weighs each wheel individually, therefore unbalanced loads and wagons with axle or suspension problems, will be highlighted immediately.

Wheel Flats Detection (Optional)

Force WIM, unlike most systems, can have wheel flats detection built into the system. This will pick up wheel defects before they get serious. Wheel flats can lead to cracking of the wheel and even train derailments if left unchecked.

SOLAS Compliant

Our Force WIM train scales are SOLAS Compliant, as they are covered by R 106 Approval. For shipping, all goods must be weighed on a Trade Approved System prior to delivery to the Docks.

After Sales Care and Service

We can provide Maintenance packages to suit your requirements ensuring the system is running at peak performance at all times. We can provide assistance remotely, or on-site if required. We offer 24/7 assistance to give you peace of mind, wherever you are.

More than 100 Force WIM train scales installed worldwide

Get in touch with us today to see why our system is becoming such a popular choice for rail industries around the world.

weigh in motion load cells

  • Force WIM Advantages
  • Technical Specs
  • Avoid overloading which can damage infrastructure and wagons, and un-even loading which can lead to derailments.
  • Ensure any shortfalls of weight on incoming goods are instantly detected and recorded, and also ensure you are not sending more product than you have charged for.
  • Determine the weight of wagons in order to collect revenue from shipping companies.
  • Ensure any shortfalls or leakage of goods are detected immediately upon arrival at the depot.
  • For adjustment and control in batching and volume control applications.
  • For balancing purposes of the loco and wagons manufacturer and repair workshops, in order to achieve optimum wheel to track traction with equal weight distribution.
  • To Comply with SOLAS for shipping of goods, that need to be weighed on a Trade Approved weighing system. Prior to reaching the Docks.
Dimensions (H x W x D) 780 x 610 x 375 mm
Shipping Weight 100 kg
Environment Protection IP67
Operating Temperatures -30°C to 80°C
Power 100 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 6A
Power Consumption Normal: less than 80 W (250 W with heater), Max: 210 W (350 W with heater)
Accuracy 1-0.5% depending on configuration
Measurement Range Limited to rail type, max. load specification
Classification OIML R 106
Graphical User Interface Built-in web-based interface
Communication Interfaces USB, RS-232, RS-485, TCP/IP 10/100Base-T Ethernet
Data Storage CompactFlash card / External MySQL Database (optional)
Voltage 220V AC - 24V DC
Data Transmission TCP/IP
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