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Libra Weighbridges are available for hire, sale and lease purchase throughout the UK and worldwide. We offer pit-mounted, surface mounted and portable weighbridges that can be installed without the need for costly foundations. Our weighbridges can be built to meet any requirements and international standards including certification for trade use, ATEX environments certified and SOLAS compliance.

In over 30 years of production and service , our weighbridges have proven themselves as industry leading weighing systems. With over 2,000 units in operation worldwide, we offer the most durable weighbridges on the market today.

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ANPR Camera Supersedes any other capture requirement. Total Auto capture with no driver intervention required. CCTV Captures loads inside the wagons and vehicles avoiding the weighbridge. Vehicle Sensors ensure the vehicle is within the weighing area. Unmanned Weighing Terminals comprise of transponders to read Vehicle RFID fobs, Digital weight readout & ticket printer.

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Surface Mounted Weighbridges

surface mounted weighbridge sales

Our Surface-mounted weighbridges are the ideal choice for most scenarios. Fast installations with little to no ground work needed, depending on your configiration. Our weighbridges come in a range of sizes and capacities as well as bespoke versions built to your specifications. Built to the highest standards, Libra's weighbridges are some of the most durable weighbridges on the market today, with thousands of units in operation worldwide.


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Pit Mounted Weighbridges

pit mounted weighbridge sales
IN GROUND WEIGHBRIDGES | Multiple sizes available

Pit mounted weighbridges are ideal where limited space is availabe. They sit level with the surface, allowing vehicles to move free of obstruction. Libra's pit-mount weighbridges are available in a multitude of sizes and capacities, as well as bespoke sizes for your specific needs or to replace a weighbridge in an existing pit. Our heavy duty beam design structures are built to last, working hard for years to come.


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Portable Weighbridges

portable weighbridge

The Portaweigh, portable weighbridge can be installed with out civil works using the optional sub-bases, thus saving you thousands of pounds in expensive foundations. The Portaweigh can be installed on top of any pre existing hard surface. The Portaweigh’s ramps are partially built in to the weighbridge deck allowing for much smaller base ramps at just 1.5 meters, this is a great advantage where space saving is an issue.


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Axle Weighers

axle weigher

Trade Approved vehicle Axle weighing platforms. Weighs each axle of the vehicle and total weight automatically. Eliminates potential of over loaded axles and gross weight. Designed for a flush floor installation. Comes complete with pit frame, for easy installation. Digital readout and ticket printer.

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Wheel Weighing Pads

wheel weighing pads

Platforms designed for creating weighing stations for small or large sized vehicles. Platform sizes for single or twin wheel or large sized tyres (articulated lorries, tractor-trailers, building yard vehicles, etc.); Particularly suitable for dynamic weighing. Available as analogue or wireless units.

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Weighbridge Accessories

wheel weighing pads

We can offer you a variety of ways to improve the efficiency and safety of your weighing operations. Access control, hardware and software upgrades, driver operated terminals and more options can make running your weighbridge easier and more cost effective.

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