Wheel & Axle Weighers

Axis Series Weighing Pads

wheel weighing pads

Create a mobile weighing station anywhere with a flat surface. Our robust pads are suitable for all types of vehicles with single and multiple axle versions available. Made from Aircraft grade Aluminum, our pads are light weight and easy to transport and setup. Connect the pads to our portable hard case weight indicator with integrated ticket printer and get instant results.

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Wheel Weighing Pads

wheel weighing pads

Platforms designed for creating weighing stations for small or large sized vehicles. Platform sizes for single or twin wheel or large sized tyres (articulated lorries, tractor-trailers, building yard vehicles, etc.); Particularly suitable for dynamic weighing. Available as analogue or wireless units.

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Axle Weigher

axle weighing weighbridge

Trade Approved vehicle Axle weighing platform. Weighs each axle of the vehicle and total weight automatically. Eliminates potential of over loaded axles and gross weight. Designed for a flush floor installation. Comes complete with pit frame, for easy installation. Digital readout and ticket printer.

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Goliath Heavy Duty Mining Scales

heavy duty mining scales

The ultimate scales for off-road heavy haulage vehicles. The Goliath scales are portable systems consisting of multiple weighing pads which accurately measure the load of each wheel. 2 pads can be used for dynamic weighing within 1% accuracy, 4 pads can be combined for static weighing within 0.1% accuracy.

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