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Water Recycling

3 Weir Recycling Settlement Tank

water recycling tank

The Recycling settlement tank comprises of 3 weirs and baffles, these act as filters and deflectors to take particles out of the water. This 24,000 litre system enables re-use of the water and maximizes recycling, saving on topping up from the mains water supply. Compacted sludge is easily flushed from the tanks with release valves at the bottom of each weir.

The water needs to be free of contaminants and small particles, as these would quickly block the spray nozzles on the wash unit. We offer the Settlement recycling tank as standard with our Force Wheel washers. This will cope with most site conditions. For extreme conditions of heavy clays etc. and a smaller footprint the optional Lamella Clarifier maybe preferable.

ESE Lamella Clarifier

lamella clarifier

The ESE, or Eco Slurry Eliminator is the highest performing Lamella clarifier specially designed for use with wheel washing for removal of Mud and Slurry. It effectively removes solids from the water, to produce an unrivaled 99% re-cycled efficiency. This allows re-use of the systems water creating a closed circuit with minimum top up required, also without the need of any chemical treatment.

The ESE has an effective settlement capacity exceeding 200m², which enables clarifying the wastewater to a similar quality as if it had flowed through 16 standard settlement tanks or 3 lagoons.

Inverter Driven Pump

Reduce running costs by 50%

inverter driven water pump

Utilizing an Inverter in our wheelwash system offers you vast improvements to everyday usage by offering flexible water flow rates, improved pump reliability and unprecedented cost savings. An Inverter driven pump requires a lot less energy to start up and on a busy site, this alone can save you thousands of pounds per year in running costs.

Regular wheelwash pumps can require as much as 130kW of power to start up the motor even if the pump is rated to run at 22kW for normal operation. This heavy load spike can be problematic at certain job sites where the power supply maybe shared and in short supply.

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