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heavy duty industrial wheelwash

Modular Systems comprising of centrifugal wheel spinners, rummble grids and high velocity water jet wash. Availabe pit mounted or above ground with high capacity water recycling. Units available in various length and widths to suit your needs with Lamella Clarifier options and three weir recycling tanks among others.

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Heavy Duty Wheel Washers

Providing cleaner and safer roads has always been the main priority for any wheel-wash system. To accomplish this, the wheel-wash itself has to be as efficient and as clean as possible, with full self cleaning ability and water recycling. Our environmentally friendly systems are designed and manufactured by highly skilled engineers and fabricators using the highest quality components, ensuring uninterrupted operation and longevity of our products.

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Libra sells and hires out wheel washers to a broad range of clients across the UK and worldwide in a range of industries including mining, excavation, reclamation, construction, waste management and demolition among others.


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Typhoon Self Powered Wheel Spinner

portable industrial wheelwash

The Typhoon centrifugal wheel cleaning system is the only cleaner that can remove dangerous clay, mud and stones from between the rear driven wheels of a vehichle. This stand alone unit requires no electric or water and is quick and easy to install and operate. Heavy duty rollers with a special ribbed design open up the treads on a tire to release any stuborn debris into the pit below.

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Portawash Force Series

portable industrial wheelwash

The Portawash Force series offer ultimate cleaning power, portability and flexibility. The Force Series wheel washers are available with wash decks ranging from just two metres in length through to 12 meteres. These effective work horses can be deployed to any site quickly as they don't require foundations, just a level hard standing surface. Complete with full water recycling and and energy saving Inverter pump options, these systems are both highly economically viable and environmentally friendly.

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Wheel Wash weighbridge

This pit-less wheel wash features high pressure jets simultaneously cleaning the inner and outer tire walls as well as the undercarriage. The 350's compact design houses the pump and water recycling system alongside the washing deck in one structure making this system very mobile and fast to install.

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Wheel Wash weighbridge

This self contained unit is Ideal for isolated sites where no mains power is available. The 350P delivers the same high pressure cleaning as the 350 series, but powered by a petrol engine. This model also has an on-board water tank with a 4,000 litre capacity complete with water recycling, making this the ultimate portable option.

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Wheel Wash weighbridge

The 450G series pit type wheel wash features high pressure jets delivering even spray to the insides and outsides of the wheels and the vehicles undercarriage whilst driving over the grate type deck which naturally helps the removal of stubborn solids caught in the tyres.

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Wheel Wash weighbridge

The 490 series features our most powerful jet system, delivering up to 85 psi of constant water pressure. This unit also utilizes our Automatic Sludge Removal System ensuring the unit can remain in operation in the most demanding of situations. This is the ideal unit for heavily soiled sites such as excavations or mining.

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Wheel Wash weighbridge

All in one systems comprising of our Highweigh Weighbridge and high pressure jet wheel wash system that clean both inner and outer tyre walls, whilst weighing the vehicle at the same time. These integrated economical systems allow you to save on space and time on sites where excess debris can be a problem. Systems come complete with integrated water recycling units.

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